Facilitating your trade in Asia’s most exciting market.
Our goal is to combine essential services, to get started in korea, in one hand.


provotive supports companies new to the korean market in finding their business development strategy and distribution partner.
We can find suitable partners for manufacturing or building distribution channels that support the strategic objectives of your company.
Not only will we protect the values of your existing brand but also develop a new branding and packaging design if required.

Digitial marketing / product placement

Whether you are a small brewery, a local producer, a large alcohol company, or a major food company, marketing value is always at a premium and there is no better way to influence than via digital marketing. Brand loyalty is extremely important – the impression of a brand greatly impacts buying decisions.

Web & Content development

In the world of marketing, content is key. It must be served up fresh, as often as possible, and appeal to your audience’s needs and desires.

An effective content marketing program is more than just words. We’ll create compelling design that gives your content the look of success and helps you win the trust of your target audience.

We will not only create content but also manage or create the platforms where the content should be displayed at. Blog? eCommerce Solution? Mobile or even Social apps? No problem!